My research can be (currently) grouped into three often over-lapping strands. 
Firstly, I am interested in the gendered and racialised ideas underpinning economic policy making. This is work that began as my PhD project, and my forthcoming book is based on this research. I have already published some articles on related questions, in particular my papers in the Journal of Common Market Studies, and in Comparative European Politics.
Secondly, my research concerns the way that political and technical authority is generated and maintained. I am particularly interested in the way that this sort of authority and legitimacy is based on broader systems of social ordering, including race and gender. Some of the first pieces of this strand have been published in the Journal of Contemporary European Research, and in the European Journal of Politics and Gender.
D1jtwL6WwAIZSbC Finally, I am interested in the contemporary challenges faced by political parties, and even more so in their various responses to these challenges. I have presented some initial thoughts around this at workshops and conferences (connecting it to a proposed understanding of Brexit in the picture to the left!), and aim to integrate it more into the other strands of my research in the future. 
Below is a list of my current published work, though GoogleScholar may sometimes be more up to date. If you would like a copy of any of these articles and don’t have institutional access, please get in touch and I’d be happy to share a copy. 
Recent publications


European Economic Governance Documents Appendix


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